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Important Information:

  • All gifts on this link will have their own deadlines for ordering. You can order all at once or one by one, but please check the deadline for each gift. If gifts are not ordered through this link by the specific deadline your child will not be receiving the gift.  
  • All gifts will be delivered to a senior mom representative for that week and be put in their lockers the night before the varsity game. 
  • If there are any questions or concerns, please contact . 
  • Please choose an option for every gift. Under each gift there are different options and/or a option to opt out of that weeks gift. Please choose to opt out instead of just skipping that item. 
  • If your child moves up from JV to Varsity and the order deadline for a gift has not passed, you may order that gift. Depending on what gift, you may have the option to order past gifts.
  • There is an option to checkout with Sezzle. (a payment plan set up through Sezzle)
  • These gifts are exclusive to our Beaver football players, water girls, & ball boys. 
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